RIP Dear Norman …I have books to read

There’s a story here lol … As with all couples Norman and I had our ‘this one is yours’ chores. One ‘chore’ never varied  - the Library. He did mention more than once that it would be nice if I went to pick up our weekly for him, monthly for me, reading material.  It never happened. This was a non-negotiable errand.  

After reading and re-reading the vast library of fictional books we had amassed together I finally ventured out to our local library.  Spoiler alert – hopefully this doesn’t change your opinion of me - I really dislike libraries. The activity of having to find a book on a shelf hurts my neck. I know, you can have the librarian put a book away for you, but still, you have to find the time to get there and pick it up.

I moved on to First Person stories from the Globe & Mail that are consistently delightful .  And, just when I had despaired (well maybe that’s too strong a word - put on temporary hold) the idea of new fictional reading material longer than a page, a chance remark to my group of training clients garnered a steady stream of the latest fictional (I’m partial to mystery) books that piqued their fancy. 

It worked really well for awhile, until I reached another glitch – holding and reading a book – my eyes have never been good but over the past two years – well let’s just say, I’m glad we’re in the 21st century. The Kindle reading device was a collective present from my children and their spouses. If you haven’t got one yet, go for top of the line, then, join a wonderful online service called BookBub.  Every morning I get a diverse list of books to choose from.  They mostly range anywhere from FREE to $4.99. The bonus of buying from this company is I get to keep and store my Kindle purchases. Recently I’ve started to read the Amazon reviews before I download. It’s a Norman type of moment. 

Overall I’m really enjoying my growing online library of fiction and non-fiction choices. I’m not sure learning how to Speak Spanish via a book is the best way for to me to learn Spanish but who knows. Reading in the garden or in my comfy chair at night has never been so good. And, my neck doesn’t hurt.

Soon to arrive – The story of LITE Squared TM and how our group training format is being fast tracked to help keep our older adult population healthy, happy and connected.