Awesome Rowing Workout: 'Meet The Trainer' Follow Up

Over the last six months I’ve started to row. What a great workout. It was only after I learned proper technique that I started to really see results – more upper body and core strength, increased cardio endurance and better weight management. My massage therapist was the first to notice how much stronger and functional my core had become. She was impressed and so was my doctor.

On Thursday May 25th, I offered a YWCA sponsored, Meet the Trainer session, where 10 participants got to experience, first hand, proper rowing technique. It was great to see people have their aha rowing moment.

One of the participants really clued into the cue about keeping the shoulders level and not letting them round as they came back into the Catch position (see top image). Another gentlemen really understood how to take advantage of the workout options already programmed into the machine. A third participant, now that his knees didn’t hurt every time he did a stroke, was very much looking forward to adding the machine to his current workout routines.

The Concept 2 Indoor Training rowers site is great. Watch the technique video with instructions on proper rowing technique. The machine itself has great pictures on the four parts of the rowing stroke – The Catch, The Drive, The Finish and The Recovery.

We added some dynamic stretches to the order. This adds another aspect to the workout. Here is a list of what we did:

Using the rowing machine seat to do dynamic stretches, we did:

·      Standing Hip Extension

·      Seated Inner Thigh

·      Spinal Warm-up

·      Standing Lat Stretch

·      Seated Back Stroke

On Tuesday, I teach Restorative Stretch at the downtown YWCA Health & Fitness. Before that class, I do a workout routine that has stayed pretty consistent. Why futz with something that is working so well: 30-minutes on the rowing machine, 30-minutes weight training followed by 45-minutes of stretching. During the week I aim for three types of workouts: mild, moderate and hard. This is a hard one I like.

Hope you get inspired to try rowing. I’m confident you’ll be surprised how enjoyable it is after you learn the proper technique.