The Power of the Pause

The first time I really noticed how useful a pause could be, was during a partner dance. Dance choreography is the perfect place to use ‘the pause’. It helps with any dance transition. When in doubt about which foot to lead with, take a pause. From there it went viral in my life, so to speak, and here I am – I’ve become a fan of ‘the pause’.

You can use it everywhere. Before I even open my mouth in any situation I’m striving to take a beat and either listen to what the other person is saying or to take a moment to collect my thoughts.

Some pauses are longer than others. For example, when trying to remember a word.

Other pauses are essential to the overall success of the activity. Weight training is a good example of this kind of pause. Each movement uses a pause (ask your trainer). 

A water break is a pause.  Walking a dog is a pause with paws (lol). Breathing is another good place for a pause – breath in; pause; breath out.

There were many pauses in launching this new format for the website and the word useful comes to mind.  It gave me time to reflect on where to go next, what direction I was going to take and which foot (metaphorically) to lead with – I love the pause.

Now I often pause to pick a direction, or to savour the moment. There are lots of opportunities to take a pause. I’m sure you will find many of your own.

May the pause be with you.