Strategies for Daily Activity

The bus was late. The activity chain reaction started with a low back stretch done by a rather smallish older women standing to my right. She was very flexible. That movement reminded me to, ‘stand up straight’. Then, a young man sitting on the only dry spot on the bench seized the moment to start tapping one foot, then both feet, one at a time. He was listening to something on his iPod. The gentlemen holding up the post at the edge of the shelter, came away from his position and squared off his shoulders then rolled his head gently from side to side.

It was quite fascinating to watch. What a practical example of how we, in the fitness industry, have made a difference. Little bits of exercise are the corner stone of good health in this day and age. Better health strategies are available whenever you remember to focus on you and your body.

 Try these out:

  • Brushing your teeth: take the opportunity to stretch each calf muscle.
  • Waiting: work on your balance by standing on one foot, hold, then the other. Take a couple of slower breaths.
  • Watching:  make sure your eyes are focused straight ahead (glasses or not). This will put less stress on your neck. Often we raise our chins when looking at something.
  • Sitting: come forward off the chair and sit slightly away from the back while at work, in a car or on the bus. This will engage your abs.
  • On the phone: stand to talk. 

How do you include activity into your day? Email me your story at and I will share it.