Taming Technostress

Are you feeling over stimulated by always being plugged into technology? There’s a word for this kind of stress and it was coined in 1984 by psychologist Craig Brod, in his book, Technostress: The Human Cost of the Computer Revolution.

If you are feeling overwhelmed by way too much information, unrealistic expectations of yourself and too much multi-tasking here are some tips to manage this kind of stress and get yourself some much needed downtime.


1. Plan ahead. The techno world is notoriously slow sometimes, so give yourself plenty of time for the glitches.

2. Take regular breaks. Add a vision break. Walk around, do some standing stretches. And, drink lots of water. This will create the need for more short breaks.

3. Slow down. Limit multi-tasking and consciously pull back from rushing around.

In General

1. Use technology to set your boundaries. When you’re on a techno break, let people know you’re off the grid.

2. Get outdoors without your earphones in. The rhythm of nature will slow you down. Add some deep breathing to this mix and you’ll feel like you’ve had a mini vacation.

3. Add some weekly exercise that will allow you to switch off and tune out.

Technology is here to stay. Reduce the chances of becoming more stressed by setting your techno boundaries and learning how to have that balance (of being too plugged in, or not plugged in enough).