Gardening – A great way to keep fit

Gardening is both a fun and enjoyable way to be outside and to keep fit.Not only does all that digging, pushing and pulling burn as many as 300 calories per hour, but according to Jefferey Restauccio, author of Fitness the Dynamic Gardening Way, turning the compost pile also works your arms, back and shoulders plus your lower back and abdominal muscles.

Here are some tips:

  • Slowly work into gardening
    • Take a quick stroll around your garden. Add a few shoulder rolls and arm circles to get your upper body warm. Add a few minutes to warm up your legs by doing a couple of squats and knee circles. Adding some standing back bends to forward bend will warm-up your lower back, hips and back of your legs. 
  • Lift with your legs
  • Move your feet when lifting and digging
    • This will protect your lower back. Pivot on the ball of one foot by lifting your heel when you have to twist around.
  • Kneel or sit when pulling weeds
  • Protect yourself
    • If you are using chemicals, wear a mask and when planting, wear gardening gloves. Breathing in plant spores, and or soil particles, might not be good for your health.
  • Stretch
    • Remember to stretch your back, chest, shoulders, legs, hips and even hands. If you can, aim for 15 to 20 minutes of stretching. You will thank me for reminding you.

There is no better way to spend one’s time than relaxing in the garden (along with a cup of tea). Enjoy your garden, and the summer.