Change Room Chats – so much can be learned


A change room at a gym can sometimes be quite a lively arena for conversation. This chat included a personal trainer, her client and three other women. It was all quite lively.

It was easy to overhear the ladies as I continued to get changed in a nearby area. They talked about their general confusion regarding what is a healthy snack, the right oils to use for frying and the ever-changing trends around eating in general. The personal trainer had a lot to say about each topic.

It started with seaweed crisps, which, I heard from the trainer, were high in sodium but low in calories.  A few samples were tasted. The sodium content was not too worrisome - 0 calories was a big draw. A package of crisps was added to someone’s shopping list. Personally, seaweed is one food that is not recommended for my own blood type. And just as well. A seaweed snack wasn’t all that appealing.

What oils to use when frying food was next. Coconut oil was one recommendation, but there was some dissension. Olive oil got an overwhelming negative mark, as did cooking with butter. Grapeseed oil received a resounding round of approval. I silently agreed. It happens to be the latest trend for both baking and frying. It’s tasty as well.

A few eggs with spinach is the breakfast of choice according to someone’s naturopath. Most of the women were skeptical.  I both agreed and disagreed; eating poached eggs a couple of mornings a week works great for me.

The whole conversation made me think that with food one must listen to one’s body. The goal is to be connected to what you feel like eating and then act on it. I’m finding that it’s a whole lot easier to listen to my body when I can hear it talk.  Check out the blood type diet here and make up your own mind to try it or not.  Don’t know your blood type? You can register here to find a blood donor clinic near you.  That way you can be pro active (civic duty and all) and find out your blood type for free.

In the weeks to come, I’ll be writing on two gentle and highly effective activity routines that might be good for you to explore, a soup business based right here on the North Shore, eye health and so much more.