The Travel Plan

It’s good to be active. Not having a car and using public transportation has kept me quite mobile and fit in a number of ways. 

And, even though I maintain good health through active living some FITT training is needed so that this mostly outdoor adventure can be enjoyed. This trip is taking me to Australia, which is a rugged country. More lung power and strength are on the top of the training plan. The hills are steep, the distance between facilities requires lots of walking and the climate there can be harsh. All this equals at least 10km a day of walking, carrying a day pack filled with water, snacks, rain gear– you get the gist. 

Here’s what my 7-week FITT for Travel plan looks like:

  • Tuesday & Saturday: a moderate to hard 45-minute gym workout (that can be done outside or at home) using 15 minutes of interval training to increase aerobic capacity, 15 minutes of resistance training to increase strength and 15 minutes of stretching all muscles used.
  • Thursday & Sunday: a 10-20 minute swim using a mild to moderate pace. Adding core exercises and stretching in the water for a total of 45 minutes.
  • Monday, Wednesday & Friday: an hour of mild to moderate activity – cleaning the house, gardening, shopping or going for a long walk.
  • Diet: will continue to work to make healthy food choices and not be afraid of food. Over the years I’ve learned to eat what I feel like in moderation. That’s the key to having your cake and eating it too. Healthy aging is all about taping into the bigger picture of holistic health.

Trainer Tips

  • My top six exercises for any travel program are chest press, shoulder press, lat pull downs, rows, squats and side leg lifts. They can be done anywhere. When I am doing these, the focus is on 1 set of each exercise to muscle fatigue using a moderate weight and different tempos. 
  • On the day you travel make time for some activity and stretching.
  • Always check with your physician before you start an exercise program.

Do you need help designing your FITT for Travel program or setting it up with reps, weights and sets? Find a fitness trainer in your area, or get in touch with me. 


Jody J.