FITT for Travel | Week 4 Check-In | The Plan is Coming Together

It’s always nice when you go to see your massage therapist and she gives you a big thumbs up. All my muscles are balanced which means my training plan gets a gold star. Nice.

Both the Stationary Upright Bike and The Elliptical Trainer have been instrumental in strengthening my knees and butt.

The interval Training Format of 30/20/10 (30 seconds at a moderate pace followed by 20 seconds at a moderate to fast pace ending with a 10 second sprint) has allowed for a cardio workout that is heart healthy, easy on my joints and engaging – not enough time doing any one interval to be bored. I started out doing this interval for 6 minutes and have gradually, over the last four weeks, done 10 minutes. Fifteen minutes is the goal. 

Unfortunately, the outdoor swimming program was put on hold. Bad weather and swimmer’s ear made swimming impossible but the water was warm and as long as I kept my head above water (literally) I could still use the pool for it’s restorative benefits. Water walking is great for core work and water running, hopping and jumping make for a great, gentle on the joints, mild cardio workout.  

Strength training sessions twice a week has made the most difference.

Both posture and balance have increased. And, I feel strong and powerful, which is good, because life, the past week, has been quite stressful. 

Next week, it’s time to add walks with hills and to make sure all my walking shoes are comfortable.