Quick Exercises for Those Little Moments

Do you have a few moments, standing around waiting in a line, at a bus stop, for the next available operator or maybe for something to cool? The list is endless and there are lots of moments in a day to practice strengthening, lengthening, relaxing and moving different parts of your body

Below are some exercises that do all of the above (links are in green). It’s good to do these throughout the day, especially, if taking time to do a formal exercise routine is difficult. And, you can do them anywhere.

I’ve added some pictures to the exercises I think are self-explanatory and linked the others to some examples that need more than just a picture. That said, there are different ways to do each of these exercises, so Google them if you want to explore.

Trainer Tip: Take two or three breaths for each exercise. 

#1 Glute Dance – sitting, standing or lying down

As you read this, clench your right butt check hold for a breath; then your left. Keep it small.  Go back and forth. Your glutes are now dancing. This is a great way to wake up your glutes - especially good done just before starting your exercise program. 

#2 Shoulder Blade Squeeze

#3 Chin Tuck

#4 Core Engagement

#5 Single Leg Balance



#6 Alternating Heel Lift

#7 Ankle Rotations

#8 Wrist Stretch

#9 Jaw and Tongue Relaxation

#10 Belly Breathing – the goal is have both hands move during each breath

Trainer Tip: Place your tongue behind your top teeth and open your mouth a fraction. Take a deep breath.

Once you get the hang of this type of breathing you can do it anywhere without using your hands.

Combining Exercises:

  • Exercises #2, #3 and #4 when done together, promote better posture 
  • Exercises #6 and #7 are a great combo 
  • Exercises #9 with #10 work together to help reduce stress