#12 The Action Plan

I hope you all have enjoyed the last 11 days of stretching. I’ve put down a little action plan on how to use them throughout your day. 
  • Do stretch #1 (Warming up the Spine) in the morning when you get up. This will loosen and wake up your spine getting you ready to move. 
  • Stretches #2 (Calf), #7 (Piriformis), #8 (Upper Back and Neck), #10 (Low Back) and #11 (Chest and Shoulder), are great to do throughout your day.
  • Stretches #3 (Hamstring), #4 (Buttock), #5 (Hip Flexor), #6 (Quadricep) and #9 (Abdominal) are best done when you have more time to relax. 
  • Remember to relax your jaw and keep breathing throughout the stretches.
All the best for a healthy and happy New Year! 
Jody J.