Turning the Page: How to Celebrate & Navigate the Holidays

According to Dr. John P. Foreyt, professor and expert in nutrition research, and Sharon Drinkwater, R.N., you can stay ahead of the seasonal changes in body size by engaging in behavior modification techniques that will encourage you to eat, drink and be merry – without the guilt. 

We have all experienced those holiday situations where we find ourselves eating and drinking more than we should, only to feel slightly guilty about it the next day. Why not try some of these techniques. Isn’t it time you write your own seasonal success story?

Tip #1

Visualize and practice how you will handle the situations that are problematic –Christmas parties and family dinners come to mind. As Ms. Drinkwater suggests, rehearse your choices before you go out; visualize what you will eat and drink; and practice saying “no thank you”.

Tip #2

Dr. John Foreyt is in favor of making a plan and then implementing it when needed. Strategies like sitting down to eat, or eating slowly work quite well.

Tip #3

Self-monitor. It’s good to keep track of what you eat and drink. Think quality over quantity. Stop when you have had enough.

Tip #4

Enjoy yourself. Your body can handle some indulgent behavior every now and then.

Tip #5

Stay active. Aerobic activity of any kind, that lasts longer than 10 minutes, will help the endorphins kick in. Strength training for 15-20 minutes, done once or twice over the holiday period, will help you to feel strong and able. Light daily stretching or the Yin style of yoga, is good for both your muscles and your state of mind.

My advice. Be brief with indulgences and don’t take too much time off from your regular eating, exercise and drinking patterns. It is only a few days of special parties and dinners. Have fun this holiday season without the negative self-commentary.