Trying out 'Body by Science'

In line with studying the Body by Science book (keeping your workout to one intense workout a week), I've been incorporating it's core elements into my own training routine. So far, I'm more than impressed - tons of energy, better sleep, less appetite, and more strength.

Here's what I did this week.

I had enough energy on Thursday to do an interval style workout. This told me four things:

  1. I like to work out twice a week
  2. The very intense 15-minute workout needs to be eased into
  3. I like interval training workouts that use a combination of cardio equipment and strength training machines at least once a week
  4. Eating enough food at the right time and drinking enough water throughout the day are crucial elements if you want to build muscle and lose fat

I stretched after both workouts and the total amount of time spent exercising was 1.5 hours. I point this out because I feel so good, for such little time spent. Who says more time training, equals better results?

Until next time,